SEO Consulting Bath

Are you looking to improve your Google rankings?

I am an SEO specialist with over 25 years’ experience. I consult with clients who want to improve their website’s visibility. 

You may know a bit about SEO but not enough to implement it. You may know nothing at all and that’s fine too. 

My two hour on-site sessions will provide you with all of the knowledge and the tools you need to begin optimising your website and encouraging the Google algorithmn to rank it in the searches that count.

I am based at the Glove Factory Studios in Holt but for now, I do not offer sessions here. 

Cost: £295 + VAT

"Since Rachel began managing our SEO we have seen remarkable improvements to our organic rankings. With her sound advice together with her friendly and flexible way of working, our confidence in her grew quickly and we now have a great working relationship in making our SEO the very best it can be with the resources we have to offer. Rachel’s experience and advice has also encouraged us to be more mindful of SEO when writing content. We continue to make tweaks together, and Rachel is always on hand to implement changes, no matter how large or small."