About Me

I am the marketing director at Moonshine Internet and JRS Digital and have been working in the SEO industry for almost twenty years. I spend a lot of my time running large marketing campaigns for medium to large businesses. I am passionate about making sure all businesses have the web presence they deserve. With that in mind I decided to offer small business owners the chance to get their website’s seen by the many not just the few.

Rachel Sheridan SEO

There is no reason a smaller budget should mean no SEO. There is still a lot we can do to boost your current Google, Google mobile, Bing and Yahoo rankings on a limited budget. I simply tailor the process to your requirements.

One thing I wanted to offer was website optimisation. This simple job, if executed in the correct manner, can make all of the difference in itself. Even if that’s all you do it’s the perfect start and something you can build on in the future.