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Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

Blogging isn’t just about writing flowery articles for you customers to read. Actually, for me, it isn’t about that at all.

When I talk about blogging for business, I mean exactly that. You are writing content intended to bring in new customers or clients. Think of each blog post you write as a mini-website. Optimise it as you would any other web page.

Title Tags

Make these search friendly long tail keyphrases – You are allowed 6ocharacters (you can use more, but they won’t show and Google prefer you to stick to their guidelines.)

Meta Description

You can use up to 125 characters (including spaces) Make sure to include your post subject within the description. Make it reader friendly, but don’t forget this text is how Google (other search engines are available!) will index your content.


You should keep each post unique. By this, I mean you should make sure it’s based around a particular topic or product. This way you can optimise it fully for one keyphrase, rather than having to dilute the optimisation with other topics.


Make sure your page URL is relevant to your post. I recommend using the whole page title.

How Often Should You Blog?

Twice a month is adequate.


Don’t copy and paste text from elsewhere. Google hates duplicate content. It gets confused and any ranking points you may have gained will be lost in the process. If Google can see two articles with exact or similar content it will only rank one of them. The one that’s been around the longest will win every time.

Don’t be scared to write. It’s an important factor in the optimisation process and can earn you valuable ranking points. You can always go back and amend things as you go.

Rachel Sheridan

Rachel Sheridan

I am the marketing director at Moonshine Internet and JRS Digital and have been working in the industry for almost twenty years. I spend a lot of my time running large marketing campaigns for medium to large businesses. I am passionate about making sure all businesses have the web presence they deserve. With that in mind I decided to offer small business owners the chance to get their website’s seen by the many not just the few.

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