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I finally did it! I’ve been so incredibly busy lately and it got kind of stuck on the back-burner. When things get stuck there, they are a devil to budge.

Rank Me Baby is due for publication Friday the 12th July 2019. I am expecting it to be live and available for purchase by Monday the 15th July.

What’s it all about then? SEO of course! Learn what it takes to rank your website on page one of Google and how you can get hundreds of visitors a week. That’s a targeted audience and not just any old Joe.

It’s one thing making the decision to DIY it but it’s another to be persistent. In my experience that’s what gets people in the end. They think they are doomed to fail because for some reason Google doesn’t like them. Let me tell you, Google doesn’t care! You can’t offend Google, you can’t upset it by doing nothing much. It won’t take a dislike to you for no apparent reason. Google only cares that you show you care….about your audience. You do that by consistently working on your website and off it. Back-links are still a valid and relevant form of unearthing that elusive link fuel.

Rank Me Baby will show you exactly how to optimise your website and keep it current. It will also tell you how to work your off-page optimisation until your website starts working for you and you can finally take a break and reap the rewards…really? Nope! Sit back for a few days for sure, other than that, it’s back to it. SEO is never done.

I also write fiction and self-help under the name of Evie Sparkes. Wishful Thinking is out now and Finding Remarkable will be out in August.

Release Update

Rank Me Baby’s Kindle version is now available to purchase through Amazon.

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Rachel Sheridan

Rachel Sheridan

I am the marketing director at Moonshine Internet and JRS Digital and have been working in the industry for almost twenty years. I spend a lot of my time running large marketing campaigns for medium to large businesses. I am passionate about making sure all businesses have the web presence they deserve. With that in mind I decided to offer small business owners the chance to get their website’s seen by the many not just the few.

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